What You can Expect to Achieve

A modern breast lift or mastopexy can hope to achieve the following results:

If You Feel You Can Expect
Your breasts are sagging or drooping Your breasts will be repositioned higher on your chest to a more youthful but age-appropriate position
Your breasts look flat or deflated Volume and projection can be accomplished by combining your lifting procedure with breast implants
Your breasts are too large Your breasts can be made smaller when the lifting procedure is done
Your nipples or areolas are too large or different sizes The size or diameter of your nipples or areola can be adjusted to suit your desires and the volume of your breasts
Your breasts are different sizes or shapes The form and position of your breasts can be adjusted to achieve the best symmetry possible
Your breasts have changed a great deal since your breast augmentation many years ago Your old implants can be removed and a breast lift performed to correct any concerns you have. New implants can be inserted at this time to preserve the volume and projection you desire
You have lost a great deal of weight through dieting or following gastric surgery and now your breasts look like empty bags of skin Special techniques are available which combine breast lifting with implants and removal of redundant skin to restore a more aesthetically acceptable appearance to your breasts

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